Internet Cafe Management Software

PanCafe Pro offers hundreds of the most useful features in a single program. Why pay extra anyway? Download NOW to enjoy the most sophisticated Internet Café Management Software created for FREE!


  • Multi Language Support

    With support for multiple languages you can use in your desired language...

  • Performance Monitor

    You can see CPU, GPU, RAM use and CPU and GPU heats of the PCs open in the performance follow up tab. Furthermore, you can get warnings for PCs that reach critical values specified in the warning system.

  • Session Settings

    You can set separately for indefinite time, time limit member sessions.

  • Ticket System

    You can have your tickets used at the prices and date range. You can also create ticket for members.

  • Detailed Reporting System

    You can list, print or record as file by filtering cash activities, session records, and stock activities separately due to the reporting system.

  • Membership Management

    You can add balance to members and enable advance for members. You can select from different price groups for each member and add gift bonus at criteria of your will with bonus system.

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