The unauthorized usage, duplicating, transferring and similar activities realized on the Pan Software package programs are against the law according to the 525-a, 525-b and 525-c provisions of the Turkish Penal Code and the 5846 Law of Intellectual Property Rights.

Note: When you install the Pan Software Package programs to your system, you will be deemed to have accepted this agreement.

  • To be able to use the program, the end user agrees to provide the minimum requirements stated on the Pan Software web page. Pan Software does not commit that the developed software will be faultless, impeccable or excellent.
  • This agreement between Pan Software and the User; only provides the right of usage of the Pan Software package programs. This agreement never removes, restricts, limits the intellectual property right on the programs and in no case affects the right of disposition. Thus, Pan Software package programs can not be sold, copied, transferred, commercially leased, duplicated (except creating a back-up), electronically or optically transferred, transformed into source code and imitated. All duplicated, transferred, transformed into source code and “imitated” programs will be recorded and destroyed. Penal and legal transactions will be implemented on the perpetrators.
  • This agreement binds the parties when the Pan Software Package Programs are installed to the End User’s computer or computers.
  • This agreement obliges the re-arrangement of a new contract if the Pan Software Package Programs are used in an address that is not included in the license information. If the contract is not constituted, the license agreement that belongs to the package programs loses its validity. The program will be processed as if it was a fake copy.
  • Pan Software could use data such as the telephone number, e-mail, address etc. contact details that the user has stated in the license information, to promote new products, services and events, as well as with informative purposes. The end users that wish to not receive any notification and information will inform Pan Software to be removed from the list.
  • Pan Software does not guarantee to fulfill all special requirements of the user in its programs. As the end users install the Pan Software Package Programs to their computers, they are deemed to have accepted the program in its current condition.
  • Pan Software is in any way not responsible for any direct or indirect material and non-material, financial and legal outcomes, gains and losses that might arise during the usage, implementation or installation of the Package programs, even if there has been a warning prior to the incident.
  • Pan Software is not obliged to provide any training or service support related to the package programs.

    However, with the condition of possessing the time or scope in their own initiative, Pan Software could realize amendments on its programs or release newer versions to eliminate the errors/bugs in the package programs, improve the package programs or to make them in accordance with the new legal legislations, up-to-date trends.

  • Pan Software package programs have the right to change the browser home pages, pop-up advertisement areas and client advertisement areas of the end users’ computers in any fashion that the program requires. These advertisement areas could also be directed, regulated, leased or sold to other companies. The user can not block or attempt to block these advertisement areas without informing Pan Software. By accepting Pan Software License Agreement, these conditions are also accepted.
  • Pan Software could not be held responsible for the usage of copy package programs or duplicates that are created without permission, as well as the consequences, such as being given to any corporations or official authorities. In such cases, Pan Software has the right to conduct legal processeses that are deemed necessary.
  • Back-up and storage of the Pan Software package programs belong to the user.
  • Pan Software accepts the stated address in the license agreement as the correspondance and notification address.
  • Pan Software reserves the right to amend or update this timeless agreement for any sudden requirements or new conditions that might arise.
  • In case the Pan Software package programs are used adversely to the laws or the provisions of this contract as well being sold, leased, copied, transferred or dispositioned, apart from the coercive and urgent legal measures;
    • The license will be terminated unilaterally,
    • The password of the user will be taken back,
    • Penal prosecution will be taken against the user,
    • Relevant civil claims will be opened against the user,
    • Compensation for all material and non-material damages will be requested
  • Relevant court bailiffs on the conflicts are Istanbul court bailiffs.
  • Pan Software is not liable of any problems that might arise from the operating system, hardware, the user or viruses during usage.

All rights that are not clearly stated in this agreement belongs to Pan Software.

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