PanCafe Pro Properties

USB Disk Protection

You can select 5 different locations for usb use in the terminals...

usb pricing

USB Data Charging System

You can charge for data transferred to USB Disc. If charging option is...

file protection

File/Index Protection Features

Access restriction feature to files that you want in Server PC.


Cafeteria System

You can enter purchase-sales prices of stock products, define category...

terminal icon editor

Terminal Icon Editor

You can select terminal status icons from the list as you like. There are...



Feature to block access such as Task manager, control panel, registry...

multi language

Multi Language Support

With support for multiple languages you can use in your desired language...


Shortcut Customization

You can appoint 50 different keyboard shortcuts for Account...


Customizable Tool bar

You can add frequently used buttons, categorize them and...


Word Filtering System

The browsing of site will be blocked if words in this list are in the...


Performance Follow up

You can see CPU, GPU, RAM use and CPU and GPU heats of the PCs...

terminal login

Terminal Login Window Menu

You can separately activate or inactivate 6 different sessions for...

advanced tariff

Advanced Tariff System

Thanks to 4 different tariff systems, you can apply different prices to...

member management

Membership Management

You can add balance to members and enable advance for members...

ticket system

Ticket System

You can have your tickets used at the prices and date range. You can...

remote desktop

Remote Administration / Screenshot

You can capture the screen shot of terminal PCs, monitor them or...

printer follow up

Printer Follow up

You can charge printouts sent from terminal PC by using printer follow...

detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting System

You can list, print or record as file by filtering cash activities, session...

cashier authorizing

Cashier Authorizing

Thanks to cashier authorizing, you block the change of settings of...

wake on lan

Wake Up On Lan Feature

You can open closed PCs over the server PC by using WOL feature.


Protection Program Control

You can interfere protection programs such as DeepFreeze...

app run

Management of Applications Running

You can interfere running applications in terminals over the...


Belonging Follow up

You can control your belongings that you give to terminals. (USB disc...


Theme Support

You can use whatever you like from more than 100 themes.


Opening Announcement

You can notify over the announcement window as text or...

audio warning

Audio Warning System

You can get warning with audio and balloon for 24 different events.

application terminated

Program Prohibition / Termination

You can block unwanted programs in the terminals.

message system

Message System

Message system between Server- Terminal


Session Settings

You can set separately for indefinite time, time limit member sessions.

automatic update

Automatic Update

Program is always up-to-date with automatic update.